Angela Burrell – My Story

Through a huge change, I learned an important lesson.

As I sat at the computer, I debated if I was making the right decision. Would I be taking too much time away from my family? What if I failed and fell flat on my face? I took a deep breath and clicked ‘enroll.’

In 2016, I enrolled in real estate school and became a licensed REALTOR®. It was something I had thought about for years, and yet, I was afraid to take the plunge.

With three children at home, school events, activities, volunteering, and my public relations career, I was not sure I would be able to find the time. Once I began, I soon found out that I was right, and I had to find ways to create more.

It was a rocky start as I immersed myself in a whole new world learning an entire career in a short time. No one person can do everything, and I had to ask for help. My children took on more chores and responsibilities at home and my husband backed me up. It was tough to ask for help because I was used to being able to do everything on my own. However, I knew if I wanted to succeed in what I was doing, something had to give. Our life would be different, but that was exactly why I was doing this.

Growing up, my family did well enough. We had everything we needed, but as I grew older, I started to notice the differences. Our yearly vacations were always camping, my father made everything he could himself before buying something new.

My parents, like most other parents in the world, sacrificed a lot for me and my brother because they made the decision to place family first. I have done the same in my own life, staying home with my children for years. However , it was not until I started my life as a young adult that I realized what the biggest gift they gave me was, kindness. To be honest, I took the way I grew up for granted until I was in my twenties and heard the stories of others. My parents always supported me at every event, they were involved in the community, they were there for us, and they even made the choice to take different jobs so that they could spend more time with us.

It may have looked like I was moving in the opposite direction when I became a REALTOR®, but really, I was building on what they taught me and taking it to another level. I have been on the PTO, coached soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams. I have been involved in the community through different organizations even before my children were born because kindness does not cost a thing and yet it makes the biggest difference.

I wanted to build on that kindness and use it in a new way to help my own family and others through real estate.

I have shown my children that people come first, and they have seen with what I have done since becoming a REALTOR® that the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.

What I realized along the way was that with enough determination and compassion, anyone can make a difference.

Whenever I am not working, I enjoy running, and spending time with friends and family. My favorite part of being a REALTOR® is the people that I meet as I help them accomplish their dreams and begin their next chapters.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, you need someone there to support you every step of the way. I give each of my clients my undivided attention because real estate can be stressful. It is often the largest purchase you will ever make, and I treat that with the attentiveness it deserves.

I focus on creating a positive real estate experience for you and am available when you need me. With my experience in home projects and renovations, I can see the possibilities that others do not with a property. I spent years in public relations before becoming a REALTOR® and know how to negotiate and relate to others so that I can secure you the best deal possible. I have done it all when it comes to real estate and have extensive experience in residential and country properties.

Once the transaction is over, I will continue to be there to support you whenever you need me as your lifelong REALTOR®.


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Angela Burrell
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